Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thirty weeks

Hey baby - are you listening?  Have you decided upon a name?  Do you know I'm your mama when you hear me laugh out loud?  Can you feel your daddy's sweet kisses when he says goodnight?  Caught between worlds - it must be so strange.  Just know when you take your first breath, we will still be the same.

We love you, little one...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

twenty-one weeks

Hey baby - I can feel you tumbling about.  Are you having fun in there?  Our hours of yoga together must be a thrill; it is when you're most excited.  I love to lay in savasana and feel you dance around.  The only other time you get so excited is when your daddy comes home and you hear his voice.

We wonder who you are and what your name is.  And we love you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

fifteen weeks

When we first found out that we’re pregnant, my mind began whirling with all of the planning and decision-making and responsibility that is about to consume my life in ONLY NINE MONTHS! Then, a few weeks later, it dawned on me that nine months is an unbearably loooong amount of time.

So, since each Friday marks the start of a new week of pregnancy for us, we’ve decided to celebrate each one. They don’t have to be amazing or fabulous, but they will hopefully be a fun way to remember this pregnancy as well as our last few months of being well-rested…I mean…. kid-less.

Last Friday was our first mini-celebration. In the late afternoon, while debating whether to go downtown or stay in, I looked out our office window to find a large tent being erected next to our apartment. And then the DJ arrived. And then the party started. After about 30 minutes of non-stop, ear-splitting music echoing throughout our place, it was decided. We were going downtown.
We gave into David’s constant craving for burgers at Die Kuh Die Lachts, known in English as The Laughing Cow. Every time I walk by I can’t help but think that cow isn’t laughing now.

Afterwards, we wandered to a local baby store for our first foray into babyland. Oh the hats! and the little socks! and the scary-looking breast pumps – oh my! David, of course, made a beeline to the toys. Our little one is going to have to learn to share its toys with its daddy. I can’t blame him though, all the wooden German toys are so fabulous.

We finished our evening with a stop by my favorite spot, Starbucks. I know the location of every Starbucks in the entire city of Frankfurt. And I know most of the baristas. Crazy, I know. Why would I go to Starbucks when I live in Europe, continent of the beloved sidewalk cafe? Because I want more than a sip of a latte, and occasionally, I want it to go (gasp!) And Starbucks is a little piece of good old America in my Deutsch world.

We made it back to the Siedlung as the party was wrapping up. David even did a bit of singing and, I guess, dancing when they blared Kung Fu Fighting. All together, it was a fun night out. And hey, little one – 15 down, only 25 to go!